Gray Permain

Probably Skowhegan, ME, before 1880. Absolutely delicious dessert apple with a distinct pear flavor and firm white juicy mildly tart flesh. Medium-sized obscurely ribbed and muffin-shaped fruit has a soft opaque greenish-yellow skin with a rosy pink blush, a russet veil, and a greyish bloom. Pick them late—even after the Spies. Eat them in the fall, winter or spring. Produces excellent juice. Keeps extremely well. The most unusual variety Steve and Marilyn Meyerhans grow at The Apple Farm in Fairfield, ME. Mentioned as being grown by CA Marston of Skowhegan, in the 1885 Maine Agricultural Yearbook. There were five or six of the trees in the orchard when Steve and Marilyn purchased it over 30 years ago from Royal Wentworth. Those trees were already old. Unfortunately they never thought to ask the soft-spoken Wentworth about the apple. Its true origin may remain forever a mystery. Annually bearing manageable easy-to-grow medium-sized spreading tree. Blooms midseason.


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