Sweet Sal

Summer-Fall-Winter. Seedling of Northern Spy. Winthrop, ME(Kennebec County). Maine orchardist Morris Towle (1911-1993) named this discovery for his daughter. We’re fairly sure that only one mature tree remains alive today. The medium-sized roundish fruit is dull yellow, washed with vibrant purple-pink, overlaid with stripes of deep rusty red and covered with pink dots. The flesh has no acidity, perfect for those who do not like or cannot eat tart apples. No acidity also means Sweet Sal can be harvested over a long period, because there’s no waiting for the tartness to abate. Can be eaten from August to March although at its best in October. Like its parent Northern Spy, it comes into bearing later than most varieties and keeps extremely well. In fact, I’ve been surprised at what a good storage apple it is. Tree is vigorous and upright growing.

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